Tobacco Wharf was historically a gated development, and, with the approval of the Tobacco Wharf Management Company Directors, the old decommissioned vehicle gates have been removed and replaced with new sliding gates. These gates will be more sturdy and secure than the previous installation, with the aim of not only bringing an element of control and security back to the development but also the gates themselves being more secure and less susceptible to vandalism. The pedestrian gates will also be brought back into full operation, along with a new secure door entry system on your blocks. 

Fobs / Your New Door Entry System

Please find in this envelope at least two fobs. They have been programmed to access the new Vehicle Gates, the pedestrian gate, and for your block only. Block A (roadside) – two ground floor doors. Block B (canalside) – two ground floor doors and basement car park door.

The system is going to be going live anytime during the two week period of 27/07/20 to 07/08/20, so please do not discard your old circular fob just yet, and keep both on you at all times when leaving the development. 

Your fobs are called proximity fobs, so they will need to be presented to the reader at each entrance to open the door (this includes the vehicle gates). The readers will be clearly marked at each entrance. You will still be able to open the doors from the push button inside the buildings. 

If you lose your fob, please notify us immediately at [email protected] or by calling 01625 569774 so we can block access. You can also purchase additional fobs by contacting us. 

Please ensure you have your new fob with you at all times as this will be needed to gain access into the development, the gates/doors WILL NOT open without it.

Vehicle Gates

When entering the development, please use your proximity fob on the reader – which will then grant access – Please ensure the gate is fully open before proceeding through. . When leaving the development, the gates will automatically open on approach.

Please do not tamper with the gates or any of the mechanics. Not only is this a danger to life, there is also a risk of damaging the gates and making the site vulnerable. We will actively seek prosecution against any individual caught tampering with the gates. CCTV is installed throughout the development and is closely monitored at all times. If you notice any evidence that the gates have been tampered with, please contact us urgently. 

In the unlikely event that both the vehicle and pedestrian gates fail ie. you are locked into the development, please call Rebloom Block Management. The contact number is displayed inside each block – please save this number to your phone contacts. 

In the interests of safety, pedestrians must not use the vehicle gate for access to and from the development

Do not let anyone tailgate behind you - please report any instances of this to Rebloom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below answers to some of your frequently asked questions:

Q: Where does my fob grant access?

APlease see overleaf. Each apartment is entitled to two fobs (additional fobs can be purchased at a charge, please see below) Your fob is only programmed access to the vehicle gates, pedestrian gates and the entrances to your block. 

Q: Can I order additional fobs?

A: Yes, additional fobs can be ordered by contacting us. Please note, additional fobs carry a charge of £23 + VAT.

Q: How do I let visitors into the development?

AThe Intercom system will be live from the entrance gates, where you will be able to grant access. Otherwise, you can meet your visitors at the development entrance and granted access using your fob. Those not residing in Tobacco Wharf are not entitled to a fob. 

QWhat about access to couriers?

ARoyal Mail has an access fob for the development and will continue with postal deliveries as normal. Otherwise, you will need to instruct your courier to call your apartment through the entrance intercom or ask them to wait outside and you will grant access with your fob. The bin men also have access to fobs. 

QI’ve lost my fob, what can I do? 

A: Please notify us as soon as possible, so we can put a block on your misplaced fob. You (or your landlord) will need to purchase a replacement fob, as explained above. 

Q: My landlord needs to access the development to carry out repairs in my apartment

A: There is an agreed process in place to allow landlords access into the development. Your landlord is aware of this process.

Q: My letting agent needs to access the development to carry out repairs in my apartment

A: There is an agreed process in place to allow letting agents access into the development. Your letting agent is aware of this process.

QThe gates have failed / not working?

AWhen leaving the site, please ensure you have slowly driven up to the gates, and please allow up to 30 seconds for them to automatically respond. If after this time there is still no response, please call Rebloom on 01625569774 any time of the day or night, and we will get engineers out to assess as soon as possible.