Rebloom Ltd were engaged in the development from July 2018 and at that point, there was an existing Fire Risk Assessment and Evacuation Policy in place. The equipment and policies in place on site were in line with the building requirements.

The above mentioned Fire Risk Assessment was completed in November 2017 before we were enganged as managing agent, and can be viewed below.

Our practice is that Fire Risk Assessments should be reviewed and updated or a new assessment carried out every 2 years. As such, we have recently engaged a new contractor to complete a review of the Fire Risk Assessment. You can also find this updated Fire Risk Assessment below.

One of the main findings from the recent updated Fire Risk Assessment is the recommendation for Block B to transition into an 'Evacuate All' policy (a stay put policy is currently in place) which will require the installation of additional fire systems and equipment to which work has already begun. This work will continue over the coming weeks and all residents will be updated when the work is completed and the new fire evacuation policy takes effect.

As per the other recommendations contained within the 2019 Fire Risk Assessment, these will all be undertaken by on site maintenance operatives and external contractors.