Update... 29th October 2018

As of 29th October 2018 there are still a number of residents that have not supplied their fob information. Please provide this information as soon as possible.

We have now instructed that the unauthorised fobs be terminated on the system as per the below, which was also posted as a letter into each post box within the development.

Since taking over the management of the communal areas of the development on 1st September, we have become aware of an issue that compromises the security of each building which potentially allows access to blocks by non residents. There are currently a large amount of unauthorised fobs in use rendering us unable to resolve any issues that are being experienced with gaining access to the development. Although this is through no fault of the residents, these unauthorised fobs need to be removed from circulation as soon as possible. We have isolated the fob number they have been copied from and this will be deactivated in the coming weeks. Please see the below image:

If you have a fob that looks like the above (ie. rectangular in shape) this is an unauthorised fob. These fobs have an expiry date that is upcoming and they cannot be reactivated once that date has passed.

All residents should have a grey fob that looks like the below image:

These are the only legitimate fobs that should be in use by residents as these can be properly tracked and any issues that are encountered can be resolved quickly and easily. In order for us to resolve this issue and effectively manage the security of the entire development, we need to gather some basic information from every resident that is over 18 years of age. Therefore, we politely request that you provide details to us as soon as possible.

Click here to submit your details.

Our systems will be updated in line with the information you provide, so it is imperative that all information is correct. Any incorrect information could lead to problems accessing the development. Where you have identified that you currently have an unauthorised fob, new fobs will be provided to you. Once all of the new fobs are provided, the unauthorised fobs will be deleted from the system two days later, rendering them useless. Please ensure your responses reach us by 26th October 2018 at the latest. Anything received after this date may not be actioned before the cut off date.