Any person discovering a fire must

1. Sound the alarm by shouting ‘Fire’ to alert other residents in the property

2. Leave the building immediately, closing your flat door behind you

3. Dial 999 to call the Fire Brigade

On hearing the fire alarm

1. Remain in your flat unless directed to leave by the fire and rescue service

2. Dial 999 and notify the fire service of the flat number you are in

Assembly Point:

Top of car park by vehicle gates

How the Fire Brigade is to be called

1. Someone must call the Fire Brigade by dialing 999

2. Give the address clearly as:

Tobacco Wharf, 51 Commercial Road, Liverpool, L5 9XB

3. Give the location of the fire if known, for example:

Fire in the reception area on the ground floor

4. When the Fire Brigade arrive, inform the officer in charge if you are aware of anyone trapped

inside the building and their location, and the location of the fire, if known

  • Do not take risks or attempt to fight the fire

  • Do not return to the building until authorised to do so

  • Do not use lifts where present

  • If you cannot leave your flat place something at the bottom of the door to stop smoke from entering

  • Dial 999 and tell the Fire Brigade you are trapped inside your flat.

  • Open your window if you need to breathe - DO NOT SMASH THE WINDOW